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What if you could do keyword research for an entire site--in 2 minutes--ANNNNDDD have them organized into a clean topical map?

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Enter a topic

TMAI entering keywords

Make sure Google sees you as an authority.

SEO in 2020

  • Find low competition keywords,
  • Create "skyscraper" content w/ exact-match keywords and 1,000 FAQs
  • Add an internal link or two

SEO in 2024

  • Find clusters + silos
  • Create LOTS of "semantically unique" content to cover topics COMPLETELY
  • Strategic Internal linking that would leave Einstein confused. 🤷‍♀️

The Problem(s) 👇

Creating topical maps for all your keywords is a pain in the tush. Takes forever, too!

The Solution 👇

Topical Map AI gives you an INSANE jumpstart into the process, in just a few mins.

New Website

✅ Saves you HOURS in the early phase

Existing Website

✅ Fill in the topic gaps in your existing site!

Here's how it works 👇

Pete McPherson

Hey, I'm Pete, and I might be the most impatient person alive.

You know what I LOVE? Creating great blog posts.

You know what I HATE?

All the super tedious stuff that goes along with it.

  • Keyword research - tedious & time-consuming
  • Mapping out a content plan - also tedious & time-consuming
  • Figuring out internal links - yes. also. yes.

So I did what any entrepreneur would do...

I spent 3 weeks building this tool--so I could crush the "keyword research + topical mapping" phase in like--3 minutes.

Was it worth it?

Probably not--but at least YOU can benefit from my weirdness--right?

Oh--and I'm also the founder of the award-winning Do You Even Blog, the creator of FABB.ai, Promptimizer, and I've been a full time blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, and creator since 2017.

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